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Take a day out in Cambridge and see the history and discover the secrets of Cambridge university from the backs on the river cam. We offer a range of experiences, events and days out in Cambridge. Rutherfordspunting.com The river cam and the college backs are at the heart of Cambridge and was listed by English Heritage, in 1995, as a grade 1 historic park. This was once the home to Ernest Rutherford whose contribution to nuclear physics has shaped our world today. We aim to celebrate the life long contribution that Ernest Rutherford made to both industry and education through his founding work in nuclear physics and to provide tours and knowledge to all who visit the city of Cambridge. We believe there is no better way to experience this spectacular area than by punt. Rutherfords has over 29 years of combined punting experience, a history of providing the best and most enjoyable experiences available on the river cam. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, our knowledge and passion for hospitality and events. Our boats come equipped with woolen blankets, umbrellas and battery operated waterproof blankets for the colder months.


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(Chauffeured Tour) 2 Adults + 1 Child GBP 41.50
(Chauffeured Tour) 2 Adults + 2 Children GBP 47.50
(Chauffeured Tour) 2 Adults + 3 Children GBP 53.50
(Chauffeured Tour) 2 Adults + 4 Children GBP 59.50
(Chauffeured Tour) Adult GBP 16.00
(Chauffeured Tour) Under 16 GBP 9.50
(Chauffeured Tours) Concession GBP 14.50
(Self Hire) Concession GBP 29.50
(Self Hire) Standard GBP 36.75


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